SONIC 4: The Industrial Light Fixtures You Need

April 1st 2022

When illuminating a large open space such as a warehouse, choice of fitting is hugely important. You want something that will give maximum light output whilst keeping your energy costs low and minimising maintenance. However, the lighting you choose for your commercial or industrial facility is a lot more important than these factors. Which luminaire fitting you choose to light your building has a direct impact on an employee’s mood, the aesthetic of the space and the energy consumed. ROBUS has developed the ideal solution for this in the form of the SONIC4 high bays. This extensive range of fittings has you covered for all your lighting needs with various versions up to 400W available to replace traditional metal halides.

Spotlight on Energy Saving

One of the largest expenses a commercial space can face is the energy costs of lighting. To offer some perspective lighting can be responsible for up to 40% of a building’s electricity use. Retrofitting existing lighting with energy efficient LEDs can cut those costs by up to 80% for the end user. But fear not, the ROBUS SONIC4 MW is here to make your decision easier.

The SONIC4 MW, the newest addition to the ROBUS SONIC4 range, has a built in Microwave sensor which gives you more control over how the fitting can be used. With the option to have 3-step-dimming, you can programme the fitting via a remote control to switch on when movement is detected. This will guarantee that the lights are switched off when they are no longer needed, saving you on your electricity bill and helping to improve the energy efficiency of the space. The ROBUS SONIC4 MW has a maximum detection range of 9m which can be adjusted from 20% to 100% allowing you even more flexibility with your light. To maximise the light output, the ROBUS SONIC4 MW has a high efficacy of 138lm/w.

SONIC4 for commercial spaces

When choosing a fixture for your commercial space it’s key that to select a reliable high performing solution. The ROBUS SONIC4 can meet those very specific needs.

Constructed using a diecast aluminium body and a clear polycarbonate LED cover with seal, this fitting is highly durable and strong, with a IK09 rating. This modern range of fittings is ideal for all environments as it comes with an IP65 rating so that it can be retrofitted into dusty or damp areas. For that extra peace of mind, the ROBUS SONIC4 range comes with a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours rated lifetime so you can be assured of the high quality and reliability of the ROBUS SONIC4 fitting. Switching to the ROBUS SONIC4 high bays should be a no brainer!

Shine bright with ROBUS SONIC4

Finally, lighting performance is a crucial factor in determining which fitting you should choose. Many warehouses, gymnasiums and shopping centres use high bay fixtures that utilise metal halides to lighten up their space. Unlike the metal halide options, our ROBUS SONIC4 range uses quality LEDs to provide optimum light distribution. LED lights emit more lumens of light than other sources, allowing you to brighten up your space as desired.
As the ROBUS SONIC4 range uses LEDs, the lights switch on instantly unlike metal halides which require time for the lights to warm up. The SONIC4 range boasts an impressive 110° beam angle so that it can illuminate large surface areas. Just as well as it performs, the SONIC4 range benefits from a modern aesthetic ensuring your commercial space is going to shine just as much when the light is off. The SONIC4 range of high bay fittings is here to provide a low-cost energy efficient alternative whilst ensuring your working environment is safe and boosting productivity. This range was designed exclusively to be of an ideal size, performance level, and value whilst being a reliable low maintenance fitting. So, for whatever space you need illuminating why not try SONIC4.