ROBUS energy saving calculator

As we move towards a more energy conscience world and look for ways to reduce our energy consumption, we need to find effective solutions to support us. ROBUS continually invest in the creation and development of practical low energy lighting solutions and offers a comprehensive range of low energy lamps and luminaires in all categories.

Today’s energy saving solutions are not limited to LEDs, but also compact fluorescents and induction lighting for increased longevity, low running costs and greater output.

LEDs are rapidly evolving into the most efficient light source available. Combine this with the phasing out of inefficient lamps across the industry and the results are a revolution in the lighting sector. Compare a standard fitting with a product from the ROBUS energy saving range.Example shown below is a ROBUS Standard 50W 12V downlight vs the 1 X 10W LED fire rated downlight (FRD).