Product Customisation

ROBUS provide bespoke product solutions by converting existing lighting products to suit individual project requirements. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, excellent project management and quality outputs.

A conversion is the process of taking a standard light fitting and making modifications to enhance its functionality. This might involve adding a battery pack to allow a fitting to become an emergency product or adding a Microwave Sensor to enhance the energy savings the product can deliver. The ROBUS customised conversion service can also adapt or modify products by adding extra lengths of cable, male/female connectors or swift connectors to reduce labour time upon installation and/or provide a pre-wiring service.

Our Guarantee

All converted luminaires are subject to rigorous test procedures and guaranteed for at least 12 months or more for all components. All conversions meet the relevant requirements of:

  • BS EN 60598-1 (Luminaires Part 1: General requirements and tests) and
  • BS EN 60598.2.22 (Luminaires for emergency lighting).

ROBUS products can be converted to include:


  • Emergency
  • Self-test Emergency
  • DALI addressable emergency


  • Analogue dimming
  • Mains dimming
  • Switch dimming
  • 3 Step dimming
  • DALI dimming


  • Sensor (Microwave)
  • Photocell

Turnaround Times:

  • Ireland 3 working days
  • UK 3-5 working days

Converting the ROBUS Hawk 14W from standard to emergency and 3 step dimming

Here we provide a step-by-step guide on how we would convert a Hawk 14W LED surface fitting (RHKM01540-013SDSTE) into an energy saving 3 step dimming unit.

Step 1: We take a standard 14W Hawk LED surface fitting.

Step 2: We unscrew and remove the diffuser.

Step 3: We unscrew and lift the tray.

Step 4: We remove the tray from the base to access the lamp.

Step 5: We remove the original LED driver.

Step 6: We add new 3 step dimming + self-test emergency components and complete wiring.

Step 7: We add a 3 step dimming sensor to the centre of the tray and attach it to the driver.

Step 8: We test the finished product and re-package it.

Conversion Service Case Studies


The very impressive room design included circular ceiling features and pelmets along the perimeter of the room. To make more of an impact and to highlight the design features the customer wanted LED strip lighting with various colour options to fit around the features.


A major aspect of being a Green Campus involves an adoption of sustainable practices in the area of energy consumption. ROBUS continually invest in the creation and development of practical low energy lighting solutions. Therefore, ROBUS LED lights were an ideal option for DCU who focus on highly energy-saving.


Enable Ireland chose the ROBUS Vegas LED Fexi-Strip to create a colourful, child-friendly interior design. The design provide a welcoming place for the children and their families who attend the new centre for a range of therapy, social and educational services.


The Kilmore Hotel in county Cavan were looking to upgrade their décor in many areas of the hotel. Key to their plans was to find a lighting solution that would allow them to have the freedom to control lighting in various points of the hotel. This upgrade included a retrofit of ROBUS Vegas strip lights.

Cut to length service

The ROBUS Customised Conversions team also provide a Cut-To-Length Service. We will prepare VEGAS and MACAU flexi-strip orders so they are ready for immediate installation once received.

The ROBUS customised service team will

  • Cut, solder and heat-shrink LED flexi-strip light to the lengths you require
  • Include a specific lead length on request (standard lead length 1m)
  • Wire drivers
  • Customise any LED flexi-strip light to enable emergency, analogue dimming, DALI dimming and switch dim (emergency 10M MAX single colour, DALI, analogue and switch dimming 5M MAX single colour)
  • Provide after sales technical support
  • Goods can be dispatched to branch or end user and can be packed per specific room requirement

Customised conversions user manuals and data sheets

Dimming Driver User Manuals Emergency Pack User Manuals Sensor User Manuals Specialised Emergency Packs User Manuals Specialised Sensors User Manuals
HE1025-1 Data Sheet DS02 User Manual DS02 User Manual Lite Plan CBN-18 Central Battery Module Data Sheet DS02 User Manual
HED1050H Data Sheet HC005S User Manual HC005S User Manual Lite Plan CBN-18 Central Battery Module Installation Sheet HC419VRC-DH User manual
HED1080H Data Sheet HC009S-EXT User Manual HC009S-EXT User Manual Lite Plan DALI Module NDA Data Sheet HEC9025 User Manual
HED2020 Data Sheet HC009S-KD User Manual HC009S-KD User Manual Lite Plan NES LED Fault Indication Data Sheet HIM32-C User Manual
HED2040 Data Sheet HC419VRC-DH User manual HC419VRC-DH User Manual Lite Plan NES Self Test Data Sheet
HED2050 Data Sheet HEC9025 User Manual HEC9025 User Manual Lite Plan NES Self Test Installation Sheet
HED2060 Data Sheet HIM32-C User Manual HIM32-C User Manual NDA3240M Installation Sheet
HED3075-A Data Sheet OL55-3-M3-DST User Manual
HED6010 Data Sheet
HED6020 Data Sheet
HED6060 Data Sheet

Customised Conversions - Ireland and the UK

Learn how to order your product

We can ship direct to the end user if required. You will receive a delivery note and we can track these details as proof of delivery. We also hold stock for draw down; this is a great service for a wholesaler who requires ‘customised conversions’ for project fittings.

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To avail of this fantastic service please contact your local ROBUS Area Sales Manager or our ROBUS Customised Conversions Team

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