Waltons Music Store, Dublin, Ireland

Total Savings


Payback Period

5 years, 11.06 Carbon Tonnes saved per year


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.


To provide LED lighting in the Walton’s Music Store to create atmosphere and highlight the product range on display.

As this was a new build there is no comparison with fittings already installed, however as an example here is the potential energy savings for each fitting based on their traditional fluorescent alternatives:

LED Panel Light saves 6,118 kw/hrs per year. Projected savings are approx. €1,982 per year with a payback period of 1 year saving 3.33 tonnes of carbon per year.

R38LEDCW-01 Wilson 38W LED Downlight saves 14,201 kw/hrs per year. Projected savings are approx. €6,000 per year with a payback period of 1 year saving 7.73 tonnes of carbon per year.

“When we decided to open our new 7500 sq. ft store in Blanchardstown shopping centre in Dublin, we were starting with bare walls and a floor concrete structure. We wanted to create a WOW factor for customers as they walked into the new store. Although musical instruments in themselves have an innate beauty, we know from experience that the lighting dramatically affects, not only the overall atmosphere in the shop but also the appearance of the individual instruments. When we talked to the fit-out contractor he said that he had good experiences dealing with ROBUS, so we asked for a consultation. Sharon Sweeney from ROBUS then met with us and from that moment all went well without a problem. Within a matter of days, we had a carefully and clearly laid out lighting plan. The criteria we gave were specific area lighting, overall atmosphere and cost-effectiveness with maximum use of LEDs… we got exactly what we wanted. The Wow factor along with the great cost efficiency, which in the years to come will be worth every penny. There wasn’t a single hitch along the working relationship with ROBUS. Great job!”

Niall Walton, Managing Director of Walton’s Music"

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