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Specialized concept store, a high-end bike and clothing shop in Norwich installed ROBUS DALLAS backlit panels and ROBUS TROY and TRAM track fittings into their newly built store. Central to the development of this store was to showcase their products in the best possible light to create an enriched shopping experience.

ROBUS was chosen for this project due to our full catalogue of products and fittings that could support the requirements of the project, while saving energy with a range of energy efficient products.

With the assistance of their local ROBUS Area Sales Manager, Matt Shemming, they were able to achieve just that. Matt conducted several site visits and along with the lighting design team he produced a bespoke lighting design plan to create an inviting atmosphere. Using our TRAM and TREK fittings he was able to draw focus to various bikes and products in the store and with DALLAS panels have a balance between the ambient and accent lighting.

Installed in the stores was 72 ROBUS DALLAS panels and a mix of 150 ROBUS TROY and TRAM black spotlights on a black track. The ROBUS DALLAS is the ideal panel for a retail space as it has a low glare rating allowing shoppers to browse with ease. With this being a retail store, long hours are a given so having energy efficient panels is a must. The DALLAS panel is hugely energy efficient ensuring high energy savings are achievable and has a 5-year warranty and 50,000 hours rated lifetime, guaranteeing an exceptionally durable and long-lasting fitting.

The ROBUS TROY and TRAM fittings were chosen for their superior lighting capabilities and attractive design. Constructed from a powder coated aluminium housing and polycarbonate lens, these fittings look sleek and modern ideal to enhance the premium aesthetic of the store. The TROY and TRAM LED track projector fittings have an exceptional lumen output and with tilt and swivel capabilities ensuring the store can draw attention to their carefully curated collection.

Store owner, Darren Thomas was incredibly happy with the outcome and said of the impact the products had on the space, ‘The ROBUS products we had installed in our Norwich store have transformed what was a retail space into a retail experience. Careful planning, consultation and considered placement of the products has created the ideal environment to showcase not only our products but allowing the overall aesthetic of the store itself.’

Commenting on the project and his experience with ROBUS he said, ‘The quality of product, execution of the plans and overall attention to detail are all exemplary and the staff at ROBUS helped remove all the complications and pain of a new installation’.

If you would like more information on these products or this type of application, please contact your local ROBUS Area Sales Manager or call 01 709 9000 (from Ireland), 0800 973 220 (Freephone from UK), +353 1 7099000 (international phone number).

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