Cost Efficiencies | Hilton Hotel, Nottingham, UK

Total Savings


Payback Period

6 - 12 months


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.

The Hilton Hotel had undertaken the cost saving retrofit project due to reduced budgets. Apart from energy savings they also wanted to create uniformity with one single fitting throughout the hotel while reducing the number of fittings and increase the lumen output.

Utilising the latest SMD LED technology, combined with an innovation in diffuser technology which improves efficiency and doubles the typical lumen output of a standard LED surface fitting, the ROBUS GOLF was the perfect solution for the Hilton Hotel.

Using only 10W provides energy savings of up to 65% compared to 2D fittings. Low maintenance costs due to a long lifespan of 50,000 hours.

“Energy savings have been very good as we came from a 26W light down to a 10W light but more importantly, we removed 155 light fittings from the corridors and still kept a very high luminance level.”

  • Jamie Allen, Electrical Contracts Manager, NRC Services

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